How We Mortals Blame The Gods by Máirín Mc Sweeney

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If the characters of James Joyce’s Ulysses were alive in modern Ireland, who might they be?

Release date – How We Mortals Blame The Gods by Máirín Mc Sweeney, BLOOMSDAY June 16th 2022

Máirín Mc Sweeney

Máirín Mc Sweeney grew up in beautiful County Kerry, Ireland. With her family she moved to Dublin at age 14 and fell in love with the city which would become the subject of her debut novel How We Mortals Blame The God. She has had many varied careers from running her own interior architecture business, working on humanitarian projects in Gautemala and South Africa, to more recently becoming a teacher of English Literature in Geneva, Switzerland. She earned an MA in Creative Writing in the University of Cape Town, South Africa. An avid traveller, she currently lives on Lake Annecy in France.

How We Mortals

Four very different people, one potentially awful event, and the dark secrets that bind them all. Set on June 16th, 2004 in Ireland, this debut novel shadows James Joyce’s Ulysses one hundred years after the original Bloomsday of Joyce’s novel. It contemporises the issues of religion, gender equality and identity in modern Ireland. It is a tale of a failed marriage, the complicated lives of a group of young people, political corruption, and an Islamic terrorist plot. All the action takes place on one day during the Joycean Bloomsday centenary celebrations. The language is gritty, exciting and frustrating as it twirls through the lives of the four main narrators who seek to resolve the personal conflicts and secrets that have dominated their lives.

It is June 16th, 2004, Dublin, Ireland. Centenary celebrations for James Joyce’s Ulysses are in full flow.

A troubled boy is about to walk into the Bloomsday Centenary Concert, which is packed full of dignitaries, to commit a violent act. Inside the concert hall, the lives of four unsuspecting people spin towards each other.

Omar Wilde, half-Irish/half-Egyptian journalist is covering the Bloomsday events of the day. He is struggling with an ailing marriage to Flora, his headstrong Polish wife, who he suspects is cheating on him, but with whom? Determined to prove himself to her he wanders through the day in search of the perfect story and finds himself at the heart of a potentially tragic event. When an ordinary man has to face the extraordinary who will he find?

Four very different people,
one potentially awful event, and
the dark secrets that bind them together.

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